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    About us

       Numismatic portal IZROJ's name originates from silver monetary ingot of XIII-XIV centuries that circulated in modern Belarus and Lithuania territories. Portal is supported by means of the administration that is situated in Prague, Czech Republic. We cooperate with qualified enthusiasts in the field of numismatics from Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany and other countries.

       Our purposes - assistance to numismatical studies, East Europe historical coins collecting popularization, creation of civilized numismatic market in East Europe. We cooperate and render information support to scientist-numismatists, archeologists, independent detectorists, collectors, coin sellers and everyone other who addresses to us in five languages - English, Belarusian, Russian, Polish and Czech. We provide Auction, Forum and other free services.

       The short chronicle of portal activity:

       Summer 2004. First version of Belarusian Coins website - the Portal founder - appeared.
       March 2006. Belarusian Coins website won the 3 prize in 'Hobby' nomination of All-Belarusian content-projects competition held by TUT.BY portal.
       August, 13th 2006 - birthday of IZROJ portal.
       January 2007. Directory book Coinage in Belarus till 1707 was released in Minsk, Belarus at informational and organizational support of our portal. The book was written by numismatists-enthusiasts from Belarus.
       May 2008. New functional 4-languages portal version release.
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